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Will Strongheart Update Experts Most people say that actors are born not made. This is applicable in many cases. Actors should be aware that they need to exert an extra effort to be able to improve their skills. To act is not an easy task to do. Great actors probably share the same thoughts in mind regarding the effort and time needed to master their skills. Great numbers of actors now dominate the industry. Since actors are not created equally, chances are some of them may not be able to become popular. Will Strongheart is known as a good actor who already has a reputable name in the field.

As the member of Keeseekoose First Nation based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Will Strongheart knows what his major role is in the society. His understandings regarding the Lakota and Ojibwe heritage let him become aware about the methods to be utilized in solving various problems of the society. This is why he helps CANA to deliver the organization’s message through different artistic avenues to social and community relations. His willingness to help gave him wide perspectives about the needs of the society. He uses different ways to contribute in the growth of the community. He is definitely confident that he can bring positive changes our society needs the most.

He believes that his acting abilities gave him the kind of life he is aiming for. His dedication in his career is highly evident on how he handles his work. He is aware that his life in the limelight is not permanent. This is why he does the rest that he can so that his career will continue to grow. Lots of people admire him not only because he is a good actor, but also his willingness to help the society to grow. He lends his helping hands to CANA to help those who are in need.

He believes that helping is definitely a great way to inspire other people in the community. Will Strongheart is an image of a person who cares for others. He is willing to become part of the success of others through motivating them to turn their ultimate vision into reality. This makes him unique from any other actors. Best of all, he is willing to spend his time and effort just to find reliable ways to help those who are in need of his helping hands. He knows that his success will also encourage other people to also succeed in their chosen field of expertise. This is why he makes sure that his success will always inspire many individuals.
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Will Strongheart has a very strong passion towards his career as an actor. He is making a good name in the industry as an advocate for human and animal welfare. He believes that animals also deserve love and care. Because of this, he uses his career to influence other people to also care for animals. His dedication in setting new heights in the industry is what makes him unique. With these things in mind, the society can always expect excellence from him in the next coming years. He will continue to bring positive changes that can definitely motivate other people to take action.

A 34 year old Native American model, producer and actor, Will Rayne Strongheart came from the Keeseekoose Saulteaux Nation, situated in Sasketchewan, Canada. As a person who loves to express feeling in various mediums, his deep love in language made him a fluent Ojibwe speaker. Will Rayne is also a fitness enthusiast and had been wrestling at the age of 4 and very avid of mixed martial arts of today. His principal focal points are muay thai, boxing, and gracie jiu jitsu, and he also desires to compete in a professional match if there will be an opportunity to be given to him. His appearance is very versatile and can range from contemporary to classic depending on the work or project at hand. With very assignment given to him, Will Strongheart never fail to line them with his professional attitude and he always prepare himself in meeting or surpassing the expectations or challenges that might come in his way.

The Sailteaux First Nation reserve is the Keeseekoose First nation, which is located in Kamsack Saskatchewan Canada. The place is located alongside the Cote First Nation reserve. In the beginning, Keeseekoose is located in Manitoba in Swan River First Nation, unfortunately, the flooding has forced them to move to the place from where they are today. They’re a Saulteaux band who speaks Saulteaux Dialect of Ojibwe Language.

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe in Wisconsin is the place where his skills and abilities were developed into their full potential. His extensive education helped him fully understand the philosophies as well as history of indigenous people of North America. Will Strongheart holds major in Native American Studies with Ojibwe Language emphasis. Moreover, he sat on American Indian Higher Education Consortium or AIHEC student council as the Great Lakes representative. This inspired him to look for people who can also support him in uplifting every individuals in the society.
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As part of the Keeseejoose First nation in Saskatchwan Canda, Will Strongheart infuses his knowledge and understanding in his cultural Lokota and Ojibwe heritages to successfully address the various social issues. With the assistance of CANA, he easily delivered his message to different artistic avenues to community and social relations.

Will attended college in Lac Courte Oreilles, Ojibwe College in Wisconsin in order to better understand the philosophies and history of the North American indigenous people. He majored in Native American studies, particularly in Ojibwe language, and also become the American-Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) student council representative of Great Lakes.

Artistically rooted, Will Strongheart spent many years travelling in North American facilitating workshops and performing music, from isolated native communities in North American to renowned stadiums along with the award winning group, REDDNATION. Will Rayne found his purpose and passion to work with native people and better his relationship with animals.

Will Rayne Strongheart made his debut in entertainment industry alongside Moses Brings Plenty in the American West, which is a mini TV series executively produce for the AMC by Robert Redford. Because of this film, Will was able to develop admiration and trust for horses and that made him understood the true relationship of horse with humans.

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